Dr. Driving will drive you crazy.

Do you feel bored sometimes when you play the game after 10 to 12 times? Do you ever try to download some stress-free games? Do you know what are Stress-free games?  Stress-free games are those games in which don’t have to apply your brain a lot. There are many stress-free games which are available in play store. Stress-free games are generally light games with simple graphics.

Dr. Driving is also one of the stress-free game offered by SUD Inc. It is a 2D car stimulation game with decent graphics, challenges and multiplayer option. Dr. Driving is a very simple as well as an addictive game which will make you busy in your free time.It is around 18mb game and the simplicity of this game makes it the best simulation game.

I cannot judge this game for graphics because it is a light game but still graphics are not satisfying. The controls of the game are quite decent and I really love the stimulation. I will rate this game 4.2 out of 5.0  and I think so It is the best stress-free stimulation game. I will dedicate this game to those who love to play simple games.

Happy Driving!




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