Earn virtual money with Google

Do you guys irritate sometimes when you are out of gems and then suddenly a box will pop out asking for money? It happens to me also and I am really frustrated with this thing. Well, guys now we have a solution for this mess. 

Guys, we can download Google Opinion Reward which is now available in India by Google. This app will give you virtual money for free. We don’t have to download any other app to earn points, we just have to answer some simple surveys and we will get money.  With help of this money, we can buy in-app purchases, movies, paid games, books and other things which are provided by Google.

There is a screenshot below  which shows my current balance in Google Opinion Rewards


Google Opinion Rewards is the best app from Google in which we get free money to buy some gems in the game. The main con of this game is that we will not get many surveys.  Still, I earned 426 rupees in six months and right now my current balance is 268 rupees as I spend it to buy a stick in 8 Ball Pool. I will recommend this app to everyone because we are getting free money by giving our opinions only. 


Happy earning to all my friends.


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