Shoot With Aim in Sniper 3d Gun Shooter

Do you guys play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Series?  Do you love to play shooting games in your pc? Do you guys play games similar like COD or CS in your mobile.

Well there is a huge difference between PC games and mobile games. There are huge differences in graphics and control. But it is not rue that only PC games are good, there are some mobile games which are fantastic.

So let’s talk about a new game Sniper 3d Gun Shooter or (Sniper Rifle) by Fun Games For Free. Sniper Rifle is a shooting game with superb graphics and controls. It is not a heavy game like other shooting games. It is around 66mb and crossed 5 million downloads. In this game we get different missions and PvsP modes with stunning weapons.

There are some problems relayed to this games. So lets jump into the cons of this game. The main cons of this game are-

 1) There is a limited energy bar so you have only limited chance. 

2) It takes a lot of time to restore the energy.

3) The weapons of this game are very costly and you will have some problems during accumulating the money.

Well there is no bugs in this games. The game is very smooth and it will support in any Android phones. Sniper Rifle is an amazing game and I really loved it but the game need some minor improvements. I hope these improvements will come in an upcoming updates.

Happy Shooting.


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