Show Your Arrogance On Zombies With Unkilled.

Do you feel angry sometimes, of course, we will get angry sometimes its a normal behaviour of human beings but what you do when you get angry? We might break something or tell something bad to our family and friends? I think so It’s  bad to show our arrogance but we can do something more to relief our anger and the best way to do that is to play zombie games.

Well, I played a lot of different zombie games in play store. Some of them were shit and some of them were really appreciable. But the main problem of a zombie game is that they are semi-heavy games and you will be bored after some time because of rattled missions.


The main things that should be in zombie games are –

1. The graphics of the zombie game should be decent.

2. The controls must be simple and easy. 

3. There should be alternative controls for controller and keyboard like Riptide               Renegade.

4. There should be multiple of weapons and ammo for the player.

5. Last but not least, there should be multiple of characters with a different ability.


According to my experience, I will recommend you guys to download “Unkilled” as it is one of the best zombie game which I ever played. Unkilled is an FPS Zombie game offered by Madfinger Games with more than 10 million downloads and 467, 103 reviews. The download size of this games is 362mb and it’s a heavy game.

unnamed (1)

Unkilled give you bunch of weapons and different types of zombies. The difficulty level of this game is very easy as compared to Dead Trigger 2 and the graphics are also good. You will get simple controls and multiple heroes with a different ability. You will also get an option of multiplayer battle. Well, I will rate this game around 4.4 out of 5.0 as the game is not so much good as compared to download size but I hope that Madfinger Games will bring some huge updates to make this game a little bit more interesting.


Happy Killing.




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