Be An Expert Pilot And Take your Revenge In The Air.

Do you guys love to stimulate a plane? I love to stimulate car and plane but some of you guys you do not like to play such type of games. So, today we are going to talk about Combat Helicopter Games.

In this Category, I would like to introduce GUNSHIP BATTLE as I played this game 4 years ago when I was in …… but today when I was sorting out some games in play store I found out that Gunship battle got some huge updates so I thought to try out this game again.


When I played Gunship Battle again after 4 years, the experience was good and bad also. There some major updates in the game which are really amazing. So let’s talk about the Pros of Gunship Battle –

  1.  The controls are very easy and you will be comfortable with 2 or 3 gameplay.
  2.  No Internet connection required during the gameplay.
  3.  You will get different types of Helicopters with some special upgrades also.
  4.  In the latest version 2.5.70, you will get an option of multiplayer battle.

The Cons of Gunship Battle – 

  1. There are no updates in the graphics which seemed to be very poor.
  2.  There are some bugs and lags which I felt on my simple smartphone.


Although the game is quite amazing, It is offered by JOYCITY Corp. with 70 million downloads with 2 million reviews which are really great. The download size of this game is 184 Mb and I will rate this around 4.1 out of 5.0 because of its poor graphics and I will recommend this game to those who love to try some new games. But sill you will enjoy this game as the difficulty is very easy and you can easily earn coins to buy some new helicopter and weapons. If you are a user of JIO then download this game now.


Happy Gaming.




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