Big Fan of Harry Potter? Have a Glimpse of it.

From my mother to sister, father to brother, everyone loves to watch Harry Potter every time it comes on TV. We are still hoping that J.K. Rowling will write another series of Harry Potter. But I am really satisfied with Fantastic Beasts and I want some more series of it. Its been a month since it is released but today I am going to share my genuine opinions and reviews of this game.


Let’s talk about motto of this game. So it is a role-playing game which means you will be controlling the character in the story and it will go further according to your choices and actions just like Teltale Games (Do not buy the chapters of teltale games use lucky patcher to hack it).


Talking about its graphics, controls and other stuffs, it is far better than others. The size of this game seems to be low but it will start downloading large files when you will start playing it. The most fascinating thing in this game is that you can play this game when it is downloading some files. I hope that feature will come in another game also. Well, the most unusual thing about this games is the unusual characters, like you will meet with Dumbledore and Snape but you don’t have friends like Hermoine and Ron. In character customization, you will get very awkward combinations and the storyline of the game is not very much similar just like Game of Thrones by Teltale and I don’t know why?  


Well these are my opinions regarding to this game, I like this game a lot but it will take a lot of time to regain energy and learn some another cool stuffs, that why I just uninstalled this game although it is a balanced game in all fields and I hope that  you will not get any kind of lags while playing and That’s all.

If you have any queries related to any stuffs and games,  just write it down on the comment section and I will definitely resolve it.




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