Fortnight or PUBG ? A New Concept Of Gaming World.

Everyone is just talking about PUBG or Fortnight nowadays, and they are so much fascinated by it that they are spending their whole money on their consoles to play it. As usual, now the question arises which is better? Fortnight or PUBG? Well, according to my small world of information, I want you guys to know that PUBG is released before Fortnight on 23rd March, 2017. So, talking about this new concept of games I will tell you the pros and the cons of this game.


How many times you have won this game guys ? Well, I am not so expert in it but today I am going to give you a comparison review. I will tell you my opinions wich game is better in which platform?


I really love this game as it allows me to play this game on my smartphone and it really got amazing controls and graphics.

PROS:- (mobile version)

  •  Superb Graphics with Graphics Quality and Adjustment  Modes.
  • Bunch of weapons with 8x scope and a lot of stuffs.
  • Amazing Map
  • More 50+ setting options to make your gaming experience smoother.

CONS:- (mobile version)

  • Too much lag in older version of smartphones because of high-end graphics.
  • Limited character and their outfits making them similar.
  • Facing a lot of problems while connecting  to servers and during voice chat.


Fortnight is an amazing multiplayer game with an animated graphics . I really love the characters of this games and their maps.


  • Vast map and superb environment
  • High-end graphics with spectacular adjustment settings.
  • Superb controls and smooth gaming experience on PS4
  • Bunch of new weapons and characters.


  • This game is not available in play store and most of us are still watching the gameplay of others.
  • It will not give you a realistic experience just like PUBG.
  • It needs gaming laptop as you cannot play this game on your basic laptop.

So these are the pros and the cons of these games and I hope I am quite correct about it. According to my concern , I would like to prefer PUBG not because of its graphics but the realistic experience which you won’t get in Fortnight. both of these are amazing and you can play any of them and you won’t regret.

So these are some of my opinions about PUBG and Fortnight, I wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you guys would get a brief idea about it and you guys can also comment me about your own experience. At last, I think so PUBG is winner for me in all platform of games.



PUBG vs Fortnight






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