Is Hair Styling Proucts Good For Our Hair?

Many of you guys have really confused about hair styling products? Is it good or bad? Which is better and what kind of products you need for your own hair texture? and many many questions but today I am going to answer all of your questions one by one in this article? Hello guys I am back with my new post on the topic “IS HAIR STYLING PRODUCTS GOOD FOR OUR HAIR” and today I am going to justify all the myths which are spreading around this world like a curse for Hair Styling Brands only in India, I am not sure about other countries but you can tell me on the comment section. After spending 4 hours on internet and relentless research on freaky websites, today I am going to share you all the stuff which I got to know about it.


1) Using Shampoo Will Make You Bald:- Your parents or grandparents might tell you that do not use shampoo more than two times in a month or you will be bald. Well, that is not true guys but before telling you anything about it, we will have to know what actually shampoo do with our scalp? First of all, shampoo is not used to make your hair smooth and shiny but to remove the dirt and microbes which is present in your head. Just like we wash our body daily with soap, we should also clean our scalp but if you do not clean it regularly, you may get hair fall and disease.

Now the question arises, how many times we should use it? If you are working outside in pollution during summer, then you should use shampoo 2-3 times with a one day gap. You guys can also shampoo on a daily basis if it is free from SLS, Paraben and alcohol. I will recommend you to oil your hair and leave it for overnight and the next day you can wash it off with your shampoo to get silky hair. Always use conditioner after shampoo as it will nourish your hair and provide you with a good and healthy scalp.

Morocan Argan Shampoo

So my final verdict is that you can use shampoo 2-3 times in week without any hesitation but not daily as it will make your hair dry it may cause hair fall and try to use a little expensive shampoo as it will be free from harmful chemicals and if you want to know a detailed information about shampoo you can tell me on the comment section.

2) HAIR WAX CAUSES HAIRFALL:- Second big question for every teenager that they should use hair wax or not? Okay, we will start from the beginning, which is better hair wax or hair gel? I will recommend you to go for hair wax because they do not lock your hair and you can easily restyle it but it is not applied with hair gel, as it will lock your hair and your hair may get dry after 2-3 use and it may cause hair fall. The second question which hair wax is better? Now there are a lot of hair products for different hair if you do not care about the money you can buy Helium Wax, Mister Pompadour and Tony and Guy. These are some very expensive hair wax but wait for it, guys there are also some cheap products like Gatsby, Set Wet, Urban Gabru and Beardo. You can use hair wax of these companies under 500 rupees. But is my recommendation, do not use very cheap products.


Now can we use hair wax regularly? No guys, definitely not because you have to use shampoo to remove the wax from your hair and you can’t shampoo your hair daily as it will make your hair super dry and rip off the natural oils which actually nourishes and rejuvenate our scalp. You can use hair wax with an interval of 3-4 days as it will be healthy for your hair and it will make you look awesome also without any hair fall issues.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

I hope now you can buy hair wax according to your own preference and without any hindrances. Try to get an organic hair wax and the wax which I use is Beardo Creme Power and Helium Black Armor. You can get it easily on online markets and I am also using hair wax for months and I do not have any hair fall, so go for it.

3) Hair Serum Causes Hair Fall:– Two weeks ago, I bought a new serum for my hair around 399 rupees and you know what my family members said you will be left with no hair at the age of 20. I was like what? and I actually do not want to argue with them as they are not going to listen to me and they will keep sticking with that myth for entire life. So I bet them and let’s see who wins after 5 years.


Now let’s come to the topic, what is hair serum? There are many types of hair serum with different features but let’s talk about the basic feature of it. Suppose you have shampoo and conditioned your hair but now what you will do? You may leave your hair and allow it to dry, most of us do the same. Most probably your hair may get a little dry so you can use the serum at that time to give your hair a good texture and nourishment. It will never harm your scalp and you can use it on a daily basis if you have a super dry scalp.

So, guys, these are the three myths which I covered in this topic and there are so many myths which are spreading around this world and all of them are bullshit. I will try to cover more topic next time and I hope you can buy hair products for your styling. Do not buy very cheap products, try to get a little expensive so that you do not face any problems. 

I hope you guys like this post and tell me if I missed out something, go and check out Amazon and buy your first hair styling product. Before buying any products read the customer reviews first.

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