Hair Wax or Hair Gel? Which is better for your own Hair Styling ?

Most probably, many of you guys are really confused about hair wax or gel. Are they good for your hair or it can lead to temporary hair fall? Which brands provide you with the best Hair wax? How many times we can use hair wax? Do cheap products are way better than the expensive one or what are the main drawbacks of using cheap hair products and many more questions which I will cover in this article. So, keep reading this article till the end to get your answers.


Hello guys, I am Android Cheater and today I am going to give you all the answers of these questions one by one to clear your doubts and the next time you guys will be very sure about which products you need to buy for your styling.

What is Hair wax and Hair gel: – There are many differences in both the products and as I mentioned in my previous article Is hair styling products good for our hair? And if you haven’t read it check it out right now. So the basic function of hair wax is used to give your hair a good texture and you can style your hair several times as it will not lock your hair whereas the basic function of hair gel is to lock your hair at one position for better hold. Hair gel contains a very cheap chemical that’s why it cost you around 50 rupees and It is very bad for your scalp. So, guys, I recommend you not to use hair gel as it will lead you to a permanent hair loss.


Hair wax will range from around 500 to 5000 rupees and you can buy any of them as it will never lock your hair and it generally contains the blend of chemicals and organic products. The next main difference between them is their texture, hair gel will look like transparent jelly kind of stuff whereas hair wax will be white in colour as it contains bees-wax in cream or in wax form. Never buy hair wax which is transparent in colour and it will ruin your hair after 3-4 applications.


Is it good for our hair? : – Ok guys, it is a very tricky question and it depends fully on your hair type and on your usage and on your quality of the product. Well guys, I will recommend you to use hair wax not more than 2-3 times in a week and always wash it off from your hair with a mild cleanser. Buy products according to your own need and on your hair type which is more preferable for you and never buy hair products without reading the verified customer reviews so that you will have a brief idea about what you are buying.

Otherwise hair wax will never harm your scalp if you follow these things very carefully and it will keep nourishing your hair and will provide you with a good hairstyle. If your hair starts getting dry, then oil your hair at night and if you are having hair fall daily, stop using that product.


Which Brand’s Hair Wax is best? :- Many of you guys do not want to spend money on hair products and go for cheaper one but guys try to save your money and get some expensive products for your own good. Talking about the best hair wax, it will range according to their prices and most probably you won’t get any of them in the offline stores which I will mention.

So starting from low to high, the first product which I will recommend in this price range will be  Set Wet Wax at a price of 200 rupees and it contains Paraben and Alcohol which might lead to temporary hair fall for sensitive scalp and you can use this wax for occasional use not for daily.



Around the range of rupees 500, you guys can go for Beardo and UrbanGabru Infinity wax which will provide you a nice blend of organic and inorganic chemicals and it will give you a nice matte or shiny look. I will not add Gatsby India and Ustra on my list as it contains very harsh chemicals and I start having hair fall after 3-4 applications.

Now talking about expensive hair wax, Mister Pompadour and Helium are the leading foreign companies for hair styling and these companies provide you with the best hair wax with their own formulated preservatives and guys they are also not fully organic hair wax but you can use their wax on daily basis and wash it off at night. These waxes are priced around 1500 rupees and they will give you a very nice experience.


The last question is what are the side effects of hair wax? I will explain you everything in details but before telling you anything, I am making this thing sure that you guys can buy beardo and Urbangabru hair wax and you can use it around 2-3 times in a week without any hair problem. Now first thing, hair wax is used to give your hair a nice texture so that you can easily style your hair but it will make your hair very dry or very oily. That’s why it is recommended that always wash off your hair after the use of hair wax so there will be no residue.

Using wax is not bad but it is pretty bad for your long-term life of hair as it will keep changing the texture of your hair and keep this thing in your mind do not use hair wax on your scalp and you are all healthy. 


So, I hope that you guys have no doubts regarding hair wax and guys I have not hoodwinked you for my own profit, it is a genuine article and I have also experienced it in my life. Guys do not worry about anything, every man will be bald at some time so it is way better to use hair wax till you have hair on your head so you don’t regret it. Guys use hair wax without any hesitation, do not go for cheap products and you will rock on in your world.

 I hope you guys like this post and comment me if I missed out something, if you want to know anything about hair care kinds of stuff, check out my previous post.







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