5 Steps To Style Your Thin Hair Like a Professionalist

It has become a huge problem for every boy who has thin and silky hair as you do not get your desired style. You may have tried many methods but it didn’t work. You guys may spend a lot of money on your products but still, it didn’t last long for an hour also. So what you guys are missing during the process of your hairstyling? What products you actually need to buy for your thin hairs to add volume? So, Keep reading this article and the next time you will rock on your platform after your hairstyle.


Hello guys, I am Android Cheater and today I am going tell you all the stuff about how to style your thin hair and what steps you are missing during this process.

1) Shampooing and Conditioning:- It is really very easy to style your thick hair rather than thin hair because of volume provided by it. It may sound awkward but before styling, you need to shampoo your hair and use conditioner after it to get a fresh base. Start using shampoos such as Wow and Schwarzkopf Volumizing cleanser to get a little volume on your hair. These shampoos are a little bit expensive but they really work well and provide nourishment for your hair.


2) Pre Styler Or Hair Serum:-  The second most important thing for thin hairs to apply a pre-styler or hair serum on your hair to get a good base. They will provide you with a shiny look with full nourishment and it will never harm your scalp. You can use products like Tony and Guys, Hair Moose, Urban Gabru Hair Serum, or Tresseme Pre-stylers and so on. There are a lot of products in the market but these are the renowned ones. Pre-styler does not provide you only volume but also heat protection to protect your hair from the heat. you have to apply this product to your damp hair after having shampoo.

ag-hair-thickening - Copy

3) Hair Wax:- Now here is the most important part of your hair styling. Now before using hair wax, you have to blow dry your hair with a normal mode using the dryer to add volume to your hair. After blow-drying, apply a pea amount of hair wax to your hair. Keep it in your mind, always try to buy hair wax which provides volume and strong hold to your hair because some of the wax provides texture and we do not need it while styling your thin hair. You can also use clay hair wax or pomade to get better volume.


4) Blow Drying Your hair: This is the place where everyone does the same mistake. Once you applied hair wax on your hair, you have to blow dry it again with Paddle Brush or Roller Brush to style your hair and get your desired hairstyle. Always use your hair dryer in the hot mode to get a necessary volume and to lock your hair. One more important thing is you should not blow dry your hair more than 4-5 times in a month as it will severely damage your hair and scalp and it will lead to permanent hair loss.


5) Hair Spray( Occasional Use):- Now your hair is looking quite sexy but if you want to make it more long-lasting, then you can use hairspray.  So what is hairspray? Guys hairspray is nothing but to lock your hairstyle at a fixed position to get a long-lasting effect just like in movies where the actor is fighting is with a villain but his hairstyle is still at that position. You can use hairspray for occasional uses but not daily because all hairspray contains harsh chemicals and it will be bad for the quality of your hair.

At the hairdresser's.

So, I think you guys have understood how to style your thin hair as well as thick also to get the desired look but guys do not use this process more than 4-5 times in a month as it will keep ruining your hair quality, if you follow the rules which I told you in this and on my other articles you will never have any kind of hair issues and you will always have a good look. Always use hair serum before blow drying your hair so that It will not damage your hair.


I hope you guys have like this post and if you are having problems with hair styling of your thin hair or any hair fall issues, then you can tell me in the comment section and I will help you to resolve it. 






2 thoughts on “5 Steps To Style Your Thin Hair Like a Professionalist

  1. People in my area have no knowledge of the fact that fast growth shampoos (of course with no sulfates, no parabens, no DEA) exist. Persons are now able to possess longer hair and have more alternatives. Surely worth checking out.

    When you’re dealing with hair loss, damaged hair, preventing skin disorders, hair growth, hair health generally, almost the same principles become relevant.

    As a general rule, you should try to avoid hair treatments and products that use chemicals like parabens, DEA or sulfates.

    What is beneficial for your hair is healthy for your skin also.

    Clearly your content here is so accurate for various reasons. It steers away from the usual errors and errors so many fall into- utilizing ineffective alternatives. Keep up the great content!


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