5 Mistakes You Are Doing That Will Ruin Your Hairstyle

Are your hair quality is getting worse day by day? Are you not getting a good hold after applying product also? Is it the texture of your hair is getting rough every time you use your hair products? Do you know why it is happening or is it natural? So do not go anywhere and keep reading this article to know what you are actually doing with your hair.

Hello guys, I am Android Cheater and today I am going tell you everything about hairstyling mistakes that you do with your hair without knowing its side effects. So let’s get straight on the first mistake.


1) Using Different Products On Your Hair:- During this mid-summer sale on Amazon , everyone loves to buy stuff. But sometimes you guys also buy products which are not suited for your hair but you might purchase it because you get a lot of discount on it. Guys do not buy products which do not work on your hair texture, for example, I have silky hair and I need to add volume to it so I would buy shampoo which will add volume on my hair rather than buying shampoo which will make my hair silkier. If I do not buy shampoos according to my own hair texture, it will completely ruin my hair. It doesn’t sound too much thrilling but it will lower the quality and texture of your hair. Many of my friends also told me that they bought expensive products but still it doesn’t work on their hair and they are having hair fall. That’s the main reason behind it. So guys be careful while choosing your own hair products and you won’t have any later issues with your hair.


2) Blow Drying Your Hair Every day:-  Usually, guys blow dry their hair every day without heat protectant to make their hair dry and to add volume to it. Do not make this habit guys, I will guarantee you that you won’t be left with your hair after 1 year if you keep drying your hair every day. Now you may ask why?  Look when you start drying your hair, it will start getting very dry and it can be broken very easily. This will keep damaging your hair continuously and you will start having permanent hair fall. So do not use the blow dryer every day and if you are using it, always use the heat protectant and turn on the medium option also, never go for very hot. Some renowned heat protectants are TressemeUrban Gabru, Tony and Guy and many more. They do a great job and provides you with a super nourishment to your hair.


3) An overdose of Hair Products:- OK guys let you give me an example many of my friends use a lot of hair wax while applying it on their hair as well as they don’t mix it completely also. So what happens at the end, they do not get their desired results and their hair becomes too much greasy and oily. I suggest you to use a pea amount of hair wax or any hair products and keep adding it if you need more amount, by using this method, you hairstyle will never ruin and you will look awesome. It is not only applicable for hair wax but with every hair products. So take only a necessary amount of hair product.


4) Habit of touching hair :- We keep on touching our hair after applying hair wax also. This become most of our habit and we actually do not know that this is the reason for our bad hairstyle. Let me tell you why it happens?  It is because our hands contains a lot of dust and microbes and if we keep touching our hair several times then we are actually transferring all the microbes and dirt in our hair which can actually block our pores and cause irritation as well as it also reduce the hold of your product and it won’t last long for few hours also. In the end, do not touch your hair several times after applying hair wax.


5) Styling Your Wet Hair:-  After having a shower, most of the guys may start hairstyling on your wet hair, to get a good shiny and wet look and then it might look awesome also. But it won’t last long for an hour also and when your hair will start drying, it will fall down on its own. So do not style your hairstyle on wet hair. Always dry your hair and then start applying products to get better results and long lasting hairstyle. You do not have to use a blow dryer all the time, you can sit under the fan or in front of the cooler to dry out your hair without damaging it also. There are always alternatives.


I think so these are the 5 mistakes you always do with your hair and I hope I have covered all the topics and make you understand it thoroughly by giving you some real-life examples. Try to avoid these mistakes and you won’t have any issues related to hairstyling and with your products also. So keep on styling your hair without any hesitation.

I hope you guys have like this post, if I missed out something, tell me in the comment section and there is something interesting coming for you guys so stay tuned.



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