5 Mistakes You Are Doing That Will Lead Permanent Hairfall

Do you know what are the reasons for your hair fall? We generally do not know what actually causes hair fall and we create myths that this and this things will lead hair loss without knowing the proper reason but actually we are doing such common mistakes and wrong things in our life and that becomes the reason of our baldness. But today I am going to clear all these useless myths and I will cover all the main reasons which will lead to permanent hair loss. So keep reading this article till the end to know the reason of your hair fall and stop making useless myths, as well as try to share this article with your friends also to stop the spreading of myths.

Hello guys, today I am going to tell you 5 reasons or you can say mistakes that cause permanent hair loss or which stop the growth of hair follicles and I will tell you how you can get rid of hair fall in the next article. So, let me tell you the first mistake you are doing and it is really very common.

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1) Daily Shampooing:- Sounds weird huh? Yes guys, I told you in my previous article about the importance of shampooing but let me clear all the concepts. Our hair carries a lot of dust and dirt and it can actually block the pores of your scalp and lead to itching and rashes. So shampooing helps us to remove all that impurities from your head and it will give you a good and healthy scalp. But using cheap shampoo daily will lead you temporary hair loss because cheap shampoos contain harsh chemicals like SLS and it will rip off all the natural oil from your scalp and it will make your hair super dry.

you guys can use shampoo on a daily basis if it is free from harsh chemicals just like mild cleanser but if you are using normal shampoos, then use it around 2-3 times in a week and you won’t face any hair fall issue.


2) Hot Water:- Many of my friends think that using hot water will help you to get rid of dandruff and all kind of impurities present on your scalp but it is not true guys using hot water will break your hair follicles and it can lead to permanent hair loss. Do not use hot water to wash your hair. If it is winter, go for warm water as it won’t harm your hair and will help you get a clean scalp.


3) Blow dryer and Hair Straightener:- If hot water is really harmful to our hair, then we apply some common sense that these machines are also harmful to our hair. Many of my neighbourhood friends are having hair fall because of every time after having a shower, every time they use to blow dry to obtain a good volume but now they are spending their money to their dermatologist to get rid of hair fall issues. So guys do not use a hair dryer or straightener more than 3 times in a month.

If you are using it, go for heat protectant to save your hair from heat damage and always use it on a normal heat. Do not go for very hot as it will definitely going to damage your hair or do not go for cold as it will not help you to obtain your desired hairstyle.

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4) Soap bar:- Most of you guys may use soap bar to wash off their hair. No guys, do not do it or you will be bald in some days. Now let me tell you the reason, why you we do not use toothpaste to clean our body or why we do not use detergent as a shampoo? but if you are doing, then what can I say?

Same as like that you cannot use soap bar to wash your hair as it contains a lot of Sodium Laurent Sulphate and chemicals which are mixed with detergent so you can understand if you will use it on your hair you know what is going to happen. So do not use soap bar to wash your hair. The soap bar is made only for your body as it will definitely clean your skin but not your hair.


5) Smoking:- Talking about the last mistake, many teenagers are divulging in smoking because of trend and to show off in front of others and you know not only for your hair, it is really very bad for our health also. Smoking causes cancer as we have watched it several times during the interval of cinemas so I do not have to explain it any more about its bad effects on our body.

If you are in a habit of smoking, you still have some time at least try to stop it so that you won’t regret the last day of your life. if you are a teenager, do not come in the habit of smoking and if someone is offering you, do not accept it.


I think so that I have covered all the main reasons of hair fall. Well, there are many reasons of hair fall like eating habits or bad quality hair products but I have not covered it because they are not very much common in our society and that’s the reason I haven’t mentioned it and my next article will be about how to get rid of it. So guys if you are doing such kind of mistakes which I have told you so try to avoid them or overcome these mistakes and in future, you won’t be panic about your hair loss and spend a hefty amount of money to your doctor.

I hope you guys have like this post. If I missed out something, tell me in the comment section and soon I am going to review some new products of Menganin, so if you are interested in it, stay tuned with me.





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