3 Basic Steps To Make Your Skin Healthy In This Summer

The temperature in our country India keeps rising and in this increasing global warming and pollution, our skin becomes too much tanned, oily and greasy and we start having skin problems. Many teenagers start having acne and it is quite natural at this age but still, if you want to know how to get rid of them, then I will definitely write an article on it.  So, if guys want to know how to care take of your skin in this scorching heat and want to know what should be your daily skincare routine, then keep reading this article till the end to know about skincare tips instead of spending your money to expensive medicated products.

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Hello guys, I am Rishi and today I am going to tell you 5 steps to take care of your skin in this summer. Everyone loves summer holiday but I don’t think so that you guys would love to visit anywhere during summer in India except hill stations. But if you are still working outside and you have to face the scorching heat at noon, then I will tell you how you can take care of your skin to get rid of tanning and pollution.

1. Face Wash:- In this summer, I think so everyone would have a face wash but what’s great about it? Let me tell you guys if you are going anywhere outside always use face wash before going out and after coming in and why you should do this? Because face wash helps you to remove the dirt and oil which is settled down on the pores and it will provide you with a refreshing skin. But most of you guys do not know the proper way and I will tell you how to use a face wash in a proper manner to clean your face?


First of all, wash your face with a warm water to open all the pores of your skin after doing this, take a pea amount of face wash and start having a massage in a circular motion all over your face around 1 minute to remove the dirt and oil present inside your pores and the last step is to rinse out your face with cold water to block all the pores again so that no dust will go again. This step will help you a lot to prevent your skin from pimples and acne. I would suggest you to buy a face wash according to your skin texture and the face wash which I use is the Himalayas Neem face wash and Garnier Acno Fight and you can easily purchase them from a local store. You guys can also go for charcoal facewash and they are way better than other ones.


2) Sunscreen:- If guys are really worried about the tanning of your skin, then you should always keep a sunscreen with yourself, I think so most of the guys know about what is sunscreen as they help us to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays and prevent us from being tanned. Before going out anywhere, apply your sunscreen lotion on your face and on your hand which is uncovered before 5 minutes so that it will make a layer to protect your skin. So keeping a sunscreen is a must and now which sunscreen is better? So before buying a sunscreen always check it SPF(Sun Protection Factor) and it should be around 50 and it should suit your skin texture also. Sunscreen which I am using Nowadays is VLCC and Lotus sunscreen and you can purchase them from Amazon.


3. Face Scrub and Facial:- To have a proper cleaning of your face, you guys can go for facial in your weekends to remove all the impurities from your skin and it will provide you with a healthy glowing skin. Now, what is the difference between facewash and scrub? So facewash have a blend of chemicals and natural extracts which is good for cleansing and clean our pores on daily basis but scrub do have some activated beads and when you start rubbing it on your face, it will take out all impurities  and dead skin cells present on your face and leaves your skin with a fair look. Well, do not use facial and scrub more than 1 times in a week. If you want to buy any facial pack you can go for anyone such as gold, pearl, diamond and many more but it should suit your face and I will recommend you to buy a facial pack of VLCC as they give a worthful product.


So, guys, these are 3 basic steps that you can use without any worries to keep your skin healthy in this summer. I hope you have like this post if I missed out something tell in the comment section and keep reading my other articles to know about hair care.



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