Top 5 Hair Wax Under 1000 Which You Must Check Out Before Buying Hair Gel

Do you guys are really confused about hair wax? you guys are still thinking which hair wax you should buy? As I mentioned in one of my article Hair Wax or Hair Gel? Which is better for your own Hair Styling? I gave you a brief information about hair wax and hair gel but still, there was confusion which hair wax is best? If you want to know which is better for your hair texture, then keep reading this article and then you can easily buy hair stuff for your hair styling.

Hello guys! I am Rishi and today I am going to tell you 5 hair wax under 1000 INR in the ascending order and you should check them out, before buying any hair wax. Well, whatever I am going tell you about these waxes, I have used them once or twice and I chose them because of their ingredients, hold, washability and fragrance. I tried to provide you guys with a good hair wax at a low price point also but still, it is made up of chemicals and I won’t recommend to use it daily even if it is very expensive,  you can use them 2-3 times in a week but not daily in my opinion. So the first product which I will recommend you to buy is


1) Gatsby or Set Wet Matte:- I am going in ascending order so this is my first hair wax which I recommend you to buy if your budget is not very high or you do not want to use hair wax on a daily basis. Well, both of them have a blend of harsh chemicals and they use Paraben as a preservative which is not good for those who have a very sensitive scalp. These products come around 150 INR which is very cheap but the good feature about this product is they do provide you with a stronghold and shiny or matt finish. I would recommend you to buy other product by saving your penny because this product is not good for the long-term life of your hair and you might have temporary hair fall. If you want to buy their product, you can easily get them from Amazon and nykaa.


2) Menganic :- This one of the best hair wax, you will ever get in your life at the price point of 295 INR. Talking about its first advantage, this product has a nice blend of ingredients and their hold is good. I am going to give you guys a full in-depth review of this product because I am using it now and I want to check how it performs on outdoor condition and other stuff. Well, If you need a hair wax for occasional use and you want a good product. Then you can definitely check them out on their website Menganic and their fragrance and washability are superb. It is an oil based product and they use Vitamin-D as a preservative because the oil-based product has a long life.


3. Urban Gabru Infinity Wax:-  So this product is quite similar than Beardo Cream Power and both of them are competing in the market. This product cost you 395 INR and it has a good blend of ingredients. The main features of this product are there fragrance, washability, strong-hold and texture. It is a water-based product so you do not have to use shampoo to clean your hair. I will definitely recommend you to buy this product but I heard that this product got fungus over it in two months. I do not know it is true or not because I do not have any issues with my old urbangabru hair was which I gave to my friend but still, I have read them on  Amazon customer review and one more thing you guys must know is Amazon will never return beauty product even if it got fungus so be careful about it.


4. Beardo Cream Power:-  Now the fourth product is Beardo because of their texture. So this product comes at a price of 395 and they have a nice blend of chemical and natural product. The best feature of this product is their creamy texture and hold. It will give you a good shiny look and its fragrance is very mild. One more thing, do not buy beardo hair wax, go for Beardo Cream Power as there is a great difference between them. I love this product because of their product packaging, you would never get such kind of packaging except for beardo and I will recommend you to buy it and you can use this product 2 times in a week without getting any issues. You can buy their product from their official website.


5. Helium Hair Wax:- Last but not least,  Helium freshman hair wax and its other three variants at the same price of 745 INR provide you with amazing ingredients and it is really expensive but if you want a hair wax which you can use daily, then you can definitely buy this product because of their natural extracts which will keep nourishing your hair and provide you with a stronghold at the same time. This product contains 50gms and you can also check their other variants also. You can also get a sample pack from their website in which you would get 4 variants of hair wax with 7gms of the container. If your budget is not tight and you want a hair wax desperately, then you guys can buy this product right now and you won’t regret it.

I think so you guys are not confused now which product you need to buy. Whatever I mentioned, they all provide you with a strong hold and shiny or matte finish without any problem. You can purchase any of them and tell me how was your experience with it. I hope you guys have like this post and if I missed out something then do let me know in the comment section and I will give you guys an in-depth review of Manganin hair wax, so stay tuned with me.



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