Is Hair Wax Necessary For Good Hair Styling

Hello Guys! yesterday, I was thinking that do we really need hair wax to make our look superb, like is it necessary to use hair wax daily or occasionally. I was a bit confused but now I am very clear about it. And today, I am going to tell you that there are far better options than using a hair wax and the main drawback of hair wax on your hair quality. So keep reading this article till the end and I hope you will love this post.

First of all, let me clear it again that what is hair wax? So, it is a blend of chemical and some natural extracts to make your hair little sticky not very much and provide a good hold with an oil or matte finish. 

Now we know what is hair wax but still is it safe to use or not? If we look at its ingredients, then we might find out that most of the cheap hair products contain non-edible stuff in comparison to expensive products. It might sound awkward but What I really mean by edible is if we can eat the ingredients of wax without any harm, then there will be no great issue with our hair as we are able to digest that food but can we do it?

There may be one or two ingredients in hair wax which is edible and all other things are shit. Some of you guys might use hair wax on a daily basis but even if it is very expensive or 100% organic can you eat the hair wax. No, but the main thing which I wanted to share with you guys that using hair wax is good for occasional use as well as you can use it 2-3 times in a week.

If you guys want to know what are the other ways to get a good look, so there is a very cliche option you can do it on your home is just take 2-3 drops of oil and mix it with a half tablespoon of water on your hand and apply it on your head and keep adding very small amount of water on your hair. Then sit down in front of A.C. or cooler (best option) and use a comb to get your desired hairstyle and allow your hair to dry. That’s all and you will get your desired look without using any chemical and you can easily restyle but it won’t give you a good hold.

Why I am saying all these kinds of stuff suddenly because yesterday I was trying my new Nova blow dryer and I thought to give a try on my new hair wax which I have to review but when I started using that product, the first impression which I got is hard texture, an oily finish and low hold. The packaging of that product says it is 100% organic. But when I went to wash off my hair with a cleanser after 5 hours, my hair becomes so much dry and I start having very bad hair fall. I do not know what the hell it was and it also does not have any License no.and batch no. and I think so it was my mistake.

So guys always be sure what product you are using. I do not want you guys to have any hair fall issue at the early age and guys you might have seen that after using hair wax your hair quality becomes bad and it will keep changing slowly day by day making you bald at the age of 40.

I am not scaring you guys and I am also not saying that do not use hair wax but always be sure about what you are applying to your head. Make yourself clean from inside then no one give a shit whatever you are looking from outside. Make people love yourself, not from your fake look.


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