Top 5 budget Heat Protectant Which You Must Buy Before Drying Your Hair

Are you guys confused about hair serum and pre-styler? If yes, then you might think that both are same! Yes guys, they are same products and both of them have same properties. Today, I have picked up the heat protectant which comes in the category of Pre-styler and I will tell you which heat protectant you need to buy for yourself. So, if you need to know about it, then keep reading this article till the end and there is a big surprise coming for you guys.

Hello guys! I am Rishi and today I am going tell you about 5 best pre-styler you should check out in this lightning deal of Amazon. So pre-stylers are used to get a fresh base as well as it provides volume with heat protection. These products will never harm your scalp and it will provide nourishment and rejuvenate your hair. What will be the bad effects if we do not use pre-stylers before blow drying process? Nothing, you will be bald in one year and you would no have any option except hair transplant. So guys it is very necessary to buy a pre-styler before using any hair product. 

1. Streax Pro Hair Serum 100ml :- I think so it is the most common hair serum which is used by every saloon before blow drying to protect from heat damage. As it provides heat protection, it will also give you a good shiny look frizz free hair. This product will cost you around 180 INR and you can easily get this product from amazon. At the price range of around 200 INR, you won’t get any product like it. Get this product now with discount from the link Streax Hair Serum

2. Urban Gabru Hair Serum :- So it is one of my favourite hair serum or pre-styler which I use personally and the good thing about this product is its price, nourishment and shiny look. I used this often when my hair get little dry as it do not make your hair greasy. Its fragrance is superb and it also privdes heat protection. This product will cost 300INR and you can get this product from their official website and or you can purchase this from the link Urban Gabru Hair Serum

3. Tony and Guy Hair Serum :-  If you guys are really concerned about heat damage then you should buy this heat protectant. Why I am saying this because I have used this product and It really perform superb. This hair serum is costly and it will cost you 606 INR but if you guys want special discount, then you click on the link :- Tony and Guy go and check out this product and use it, then you guys feel the difference in it.

4. Loreal Studio Hair Serum :- I really love the products of Loreal and this time also I love their hair serum. If you want to have a good hairstyling with some kind of polished or shiny look, then you should go for this product as it provides ultimate heat protection  but you guys have to wash it off at night as you can not use it like a hair oil. You can buy this product from amazon Loreal Studio Hair Serum.

5. Tresemme Thermal Creation :- Last but not least, It is one of my favourite and one of the most expensive product which I listed in this article and I am telling you guys it is expensive but it is an amazing product, its fragrance is good and it would give you a stylish look. This product will cost you around 1200INR for 230ml. You guys purchase this product from the link Tresemme and hope me guys you won’t regret it.

I think so you guys have liked this post and these are the top heat protectant available in the Indian Market. Other heat protectant are not good enough or they are too much exensive but if you guys want a wrothful prodduct, then you can get it from the list which I mentioned above. I hope you guys have liked this post and If I missed out something, then let me know in the comment section and I am going to review a mysterious package soon, so stay tuned with me guys.




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