Be Confident

Today my topic is bit different and my motive for today is to unleash your real talent which is hidden because of this terrifying society. A few days ago CBSE has declared the results of 10 and 12 and I hope you guys have got amazing results. Well, a great appreciation from me to all toppers and for all my mediocre friends you guys also doing a great job and do not get sad mark will never judge your talent. But now what you guys are going to do?

It is one of the important decision of your life as it will decide your future. It won’t destroy it but it is the first phase of your career. Probably most of you guys will choose PCM or PCB because of peer pressure or to fulfil your parents wish. I don’t know why but this thing only happens in Indian society who thinks that PCM or PCB students are the intelligent ones and other subjects are shit. It is not true guys, my sister has taken arts and it is way too difficult than science. So do not underestimate your fondness and go for it.

But it only depends on your choice that you will go according to your parents or for your own career. Both ways are not a wrong path buy it will lead your career in a two distinct position. Now, what is confidence and what is the role of it? Being very sure what you are going to do is confidence. If you still have any doubt or you have a feeling of failure, then you are not confident but you are in peer pressure. Everyone has their own talent it is not necessary that we have to do the same things what majority is doing in their life. Being different is being unique and entire world loves unique people.

If you guys are not confident what you are doing and still have some issues and doubts left in your heart, then do not go for it. Just be sure and you would not have to face any problems in your future.

Next thing is to find your own talent, take some time for yourself. Do not go for those subjects whom you have scored 100/100 but for that which you are really interested in it. Do not do any mistake in a hurry and always take suggestions but do what your heart says and have a better knowledge of it.

Well, I think so that you guys will take a right path and you may become a prominent one in future. Tomorrow I am going to review one product which you will definitely like it so do not forget to read it tomorrow and there will be more reviews coming soon but they are not sponsored. If you want to know about it, then follow my website and you will have an email reminder whenever a new post is published. Stay tuned





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