Guns of Boom beat the Counter-Strike. Is it True?

When it comes about best First Person Shooter games everyone calls one name – Counter-Strike. Everyone is the fan of Counter-Strike even I also but we cannot play Counter-Strike on our smartphones. There are many similar games which are available in play store but those games cannot satisfy us like CS. 

Well, there is one game which will not give you the experience of Counter-Strike but It is the best FPS game in play store. 

Guns of Boom is a 3-D animated FPS game by Game Insight and this game is a semi-heavy game which is available in play store for any OS. The controls are the main highlights of this game which are superb.You will also get an option of Auto-Fire which is a quite good option for beginners. The weapons of this game are nice and It is a multiplayer game which requires an internet connection.

 The overall impression of this game was stunning. I played this game around 24 hours according to my statistics and I will rate this game around 4.9 out of 5.0. I really loved this game and  I will recommend this game to all Counter-Strike players and FPS lovers.

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